Tulip Candle Mould
Our Price: 21.00 Inc VAT
Pine Cone Candle Mould
Our Price: 16.74 Inc VAT
Mold Release By Candle Flex
Our Price: 7.57 Inc VAT

6" Hexagon Candle Mould
Our Price: 34.14 Inc VAT
PM-840 PM-600 MD-396 PM-945
Buzzing Bee Skep Candle Mould
Our Price: 19.25 Inc VAT
Winter Wrap
Our Price: 2.46 Inc VAT

Set Of 3 Spiral Candle Moulds
Our Price: 20.12 Inc VAT
NA-097 PM-787 WT-141 PM-190
2/0 Ply Wicking, 100ft
Our Price: 4.50 Inc VAT
Fondabee, 1Kg
Our Price: 1.98

MD-370 FD-921 HD-685 NA-590-100
Queen Marking Bundle 2017
Our Price: 11.99 Inc VAT
Langstroth "L" 8 Frame Mouse Guard
Our Price: 4.94 Inc VAT
HD-670 NA-580 Our Queen Marking Bundle Includes;
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Queen Catcher (HD-102)
  • 1 x Queen Marking Pen Yellow (HD-379)
  • 1 x Queen Marking Tube with Plunger (HD-388)
6 Tube Candle Mold, 10.5"
Our Price: 34.14 Inc VAT
Winter Wraps 450 X 2.2 M
Our Price: 3.00 Inc VAT

Fondabee, 2.5kg
Our Price: 4.20

FT-507 MD-340 WT-143 FD-920