MAQS 10 pack
The Quick Strips have a treatment period of just 7 days. Daytime temperatures must be between 50 - 84.2F (10 - 29C). Strips are laid across the tops of the brood frames, and they can be used during a honey flow if necessary. A spacer rim is no longer needed for these strips but you still need to wear the recommended safety equipment for acid. Store below 77F (25C) away from direct sunlight.

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Our polystyrene nuc boxes are lightweight, durable and have good heat retention for effective brood rearing. The 6 frame poly nuc boxes come with a built-in 2.5 liter feeder and an open mesh floor for increased ventilation and varroa control.

Entrance disc allows four entrance options: Open, Closed, Queen Excluder and Ventilation.
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Api-Bioxal offers an optimal concentration of oxalic acid for maximum effectiveness against Varroa. Can be dissolved in sugar syrup and trickled between frames of bees or applied using a vaporizer (sold separately). Use when brood rearing is at its lowest level. Permitted in Organic beekeeping. Wear protective mask, gloves and glasses when using. Langstroth Complete Hive Kit; Flat;

  • 1 Langstroth Screened Floor with Drawer and Entrance Block; Assembled
  • 1 Langstroth Brood Box; Flat
  • 10 Langstroth Hoffman Brood Frames; Flat
  • 2 Langstroth Supers; Flat
  • 20 Langstroth Hoffman Super Frames; Flat
  • 1 Roof with Crown Board; Assembled
  • Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation
  • Nails for Assembly
*Please note all Langstroth hive kits come with black Ritecell foundation*